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Self-Reflections: I gather wisdom.

I value experience, knowledge, and sound judgement.

I adapt to change. I accept uncertainty and face my fears. I express my curiosity and work on my coping skills. I look for opportunities to grow. I embrace transitions instead of resisting them.

I continue learning. I read books and engage others in deep discussions. I greet different viewpoints with an open mind.

I ask for help. I reach out when I need moral support and practical assistance. I let others know when I am struggling. I can accomplish more when I recognize my limitations and work as a team.

I hold myself accountable. I take responsibility for my decisions.

I think before I act. I meditate and pray for wisdom. I weigh different factors. I balance my interests with the needs of others. I identify my long term interests rather than chasing after temporary pleasures.

I focus on my purpose. I am guided by my values and goals. I manage my time and limit distractions. I prepare for setbacks and persevere through obstacles. My life has meaning. I take satisfaction in my achievements.

Today, I learn from experience and grow through challenges. I deepen my understanding and cultivate my wisdom.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What is one wise thing that I can do today?
2. How can I use humor wisely?
3. What is the difference between wisdom and intelligence?

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Luanne Mareen Goddess On Purpose

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