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Self-Reflections: I am open-minded and eager to explore new ideas.

I can only grow and develop when I maintain an open mind. It is important for me to consider new ideas and perspectives. I want to be an open and curious person. I am always interested in learning more.

I am a knowledge sponge.

I like to have conversations with others who view the world differently than I do. These are wonderful opportunities for me to learn and expand my perspective. I learn little when I only listen to people that share my viewpoints.

If I am wrong about something, I want to know. Many people are only interested in reinforcing what they believe. They ignore others that have a different perspective. I am the opposite. I like when I am proven wrong.

It is exciting to me to know that I have learned something new and also removed old, false knowledge. This allows me to grow twice as fast. I am interested in personal growth more than I am in being correct.

I believe there is freedom in the truth. I want to know the truth.

Today, I am interested in learning something from someone new. I am open to reading new books and talking to new people. I want someone to show me that I am incorrect! I am open-minded and eager to explore new ideas.


Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. Do I have any beliefs that I am uncertain about? What are they?
  2. Whom do I know that views the world very differently than I do? What can I learn from them?
  3. What books can I read that have a different viewpoint than I do?
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