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Self-Reflection: I love change and adjust easily to new situations.

The most exciting thing to me is enhancing my life. I love to see improvement in all aspects of my life. Improvement requires change. Change can be challenging, but I love change.

Change brings with it the possibility to lift my life to another level.

New situations are exciting to me. I avoid the boredom of wanting to keep my life the same all of the time. Change is exciting and I want to live an exciting life!

I adjust to change more easily than anyone I know. I am able to relax when my life takes a turn, whether I created the change, or the change is unexpected. I look forward to discovering how my life is going to be affected by new changes.

I look for ways to leverage the changes in my life to alter my life for the better.

Changes in my life have great potential. I am committed to making the most of that potential. I ask myself how I can use new situations to my advantage. Asking this question provides the answers I need.

Today, I am embracing the changes happening in my life. I can see how these changes are advantageous to me. I am using the circumstances in my life to make my life even better. I adjust to change more easily than anyone I know.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What is happening in my life right now that I can use to my benefit? What have I been failing to see?
2. How would I rate my ability to adapt to new situations? How can I improve on this ability?
3. Why have I been resisting change? What am I afraid might happen?

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