I’m feeling scared to send this Beautiful

I’ve been pondering being scared a lot recently.
I speak to clients and people all the time about what is keeping them from taking a risk to show up as themselves.
And I see the pain they (or you may) feel.
  • The Guilt
  • The self-worth
  • The rejection of their real work
  • Beating yourself up because even though you have done lots of courses, you still haven’t stepped out and offered your workshop/services/product
  • Powerless to move forward for fear of failure
  • Staying confused and not trusting their intuition
I could go on but I am sure you are feeling the gist of this.
I also have worked with clients who have published their books, created their unique programs, been in tv shows, improved their business profit and embraced their fierce feminine power unashamedly.
What is the difference between them and you?
4 things come to mind as I also reflect on how I showed up in my Purposeful work. What worked and what spun my wheels.
  • They embraced their fear and did it anyway.
  • They remembered their Purpose, their Gifts and also acknowledged their blind spots.
  • They treated themselves like a Goddess and stopped with the pity party
  • They took responsibility and invested in themselves and
Even though it sounds easier – and you might be thinking – “Luanne I hear what you are saying about “Those” people, but my story is unique – it’s different and harder for me.”
And this is where sometimes you need a reality check.
One of my besties (Bella) just says “Stop it” and that is what my 1st thing to tell you is
Stop making excuses
Stop trying to do it all by yourself
Stop numbing out
Stop putting yourself last
Stop blaming other people
And I could go on.
Today is the 1st of February gorgeous.
January is gone and we now start to get real about 2019.
It’s never too late to reset and restart your Life Purpose by your design.
In fact each day you get to start over.
And today is that day.
Start with being honest with yourself and invest in YOU this year.
Come and join me and other committed women at one of the Path to Purpose events. www.globalgoddessgathering.com
That’s right – I’ve had days where I am totally crapping myself that these events might fail.
I’ve had self-doubt that people will even want to know about their Life Purpose and come and have an experience that could, in fact, change the course of your Life.
I’m fearful about shelling out $$$ to book venues and flights
But being fierce and feminine – means tapping into my courage and goddess essence. Remembering my Life Purpose design.
When I do that – everything changes. Then I call my coach (who I have had for the last 7 years) and she gently and encourages me to STOP the doubt.
I also call in my Soul team. My peacemaker, my nurturer, my teacher, my raven and my graceful warrior energies.
I remember all the gifts I have in my hands.
I look back and remember that
I’ve already done many of these events – with great success (just looking at the photos makes my heart sing)
I’ve mentored hundreds of women in one form or another
I’ve taught and trained gorgeous women and men lots of times.
So why the fear this time?
because I realise every time I need to expand and be more vulnerable in my message – fear shows her face.
And that is a GOOD thing.
I say thank you to her for the reminder and do it anyway.
So are you ready Gorgeous Beautiful ?
Join me at this years Path to Purpose event in your hood (Aussie and NZ).
I have some amazing bonuses that I will be sharing
They are so awesome they are not even on my event page you.
They include:
  • 30-minute hand analysis session with me (valued $247)
  • 3-hour hot seat coaching workshop before the events (value $297)
  • Entry into “Monetise your Gift Markings 2.0 course” (identify and learn all gift markings with live coaching) (I know its crazy but I am doing it) (value $497)
Book in and you will get these bonuses because you are a valued member of my tribe.
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