I let go of negativity in my mind and body.

I avoid negativity in my life. I avoid negative people and negative news. I have as little negativity in my life as possible. When I limit the negativity in my environment, I carry less negativity in my mind and body.

I choose to live my life in a positive environment and with a positive outlook.

When I feel negativity in my body, I relax and allow it to flow out from me.

I experience negativity as tension in my body. I can feel that tension and release it. I focus on the tension and allow that part of my body to relax. The tension and negativity flow out of my body very quickly.

My mind rejects negativity. I avoid engaging in negative self-talk. I speak to myself in an optimistic and encouraging manner.

I know how to relax my mind. I give myself a chance to unwind each day and feel mentally relaxed most of the time. I know how to handle stress and pressure appropriately and effectively.

Today, I am repelling negativity and stress. I am focusing on positive thoughts. I am avoiding negative people and spending my time with those that are positive. I am letting go of all the negativity in my mind and body.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. Where do I feel stress and negativity in my body? What are the physical signs that I am feeling stressed?
  2. How would I rate my self-talk? How would my life be changed if my self-talk were more positive?
  3. How does negativity affect me mentally and physically?


Luanne Mareen Goddess On Purpose

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