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Self-Reflections: I clearly see opportunities to effortlessly make money.

Opportunities to make money are all around me. There are endless possibilities available to me to increase my financial wealth. I only need to open my eyes and pay attention. When I am focused on finding these opportunities, they become crystal clear to me.

Money is easy for me. I can effortlessly make money whenever I choose. Financial abundance is naturally attracted to me. Money-making opportunities follow me wherever I go. When I choose to make money, unlimited opportunities are always available to me.

I have an open mind when it comes to my finances. I consider all the possibilities and see all the angles. I can see things the average person fails to notice. This is one of my great advantages over everyone else. I can plainly see all the opportunities to effortlessly make money.

When I spot the right opportunity for me, I enthusiastically take action. I am very action oriented. I know that an opportunity is just a possibility. I have a responsibility to make the most of that opportunity. I take full responsibility for my financial life.

Today, I am feeling extra observant. I am in tune with all the money-making opportunities in my life. I am keenly aware of the financial possibilities in my environment. My eyes, ears, and mind are open.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. How much money do I need to make each year to enjoy the lifestyle I desire?
2. What financial opportunities am I failing to see? How can I take advantage of those opportunities?
3. What financial opportunities have I missed? Why did I miss them?

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