Copy of Self-reflections 14

I allow my mind and body to heal.

I appreciate that my body wants to heal itself. My body has a tremendous ability to heal. Illness and injury are unnatural states. Vibrant health is my natural state. I am willing to allow my body to heal itself.

I am allowing my injuries and illnesses to mend. My body is feeling better each and every day. I am healing every second of the day. This is what my body does, and it does it extremely well. I welcome all the healing activity that is happening in my body.

My mind is healing too. I allow stress and concern to leave my mind. I welcome peace and serenity. My natural emotional state is happiness and peacefulness. I am accepting of any healing activities in my mind. My mind is returning to its proper state of health.

While my mind and body naturally heal themselves, I have a responsibility to help this process. I am part of the healing process.

I help my mind and body heal by eating a healthy diet, getting sufficient sleep, and avoiding harmful people and activities. I am helping my mind and body to heal completely.

Today, I am allowing my mind and body to heal. I am grateful for the healing I am experiencing today. I am doing my part to assist in this healing. I am caring for my mind and body.


Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. What are my greatest physical challenges? What can I do to best alleviate them?
  2. What are my greatest emotional challenges? What can I do to best alleviate them?
  3. When has my body or mind healed itself? What is the greatest injury, sickness, or emotional hurt I have recovered from?
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