How to get started fulfilling your Purpose

How to Get Started Fulfilling Your Purpose

Does finding your life purpose sound a bit scary and overwhelming? Do you not even know where to start? Maybe it’s easier to stay where you are, play safe, stay small. But there’s still that nagging feeling in the back of your mind. You could be doing something meaningful. You could be living your best life. But how to get started?
Here are three steps to gently start your journey to living a more authentic life. Just remember to be kind to yourself and take baby steps.

1. What are you scared of?
The first step is to have a good look at what scares you about finding your life purpose. Does it feel risky? Do you feel vulnerable? What if you fail? What if people laugh at you. If it’s any comfort, these are thoughts and worries that afflict everyone. Don’t worry; you’re not alone. 

I noticed that I would change my “jobs” every 3 years or less.  I just got bored or was not stretched anymore and I was always reading entrepreneurial books or studying something new.  Fear kept me at the jobs, until I just couldn’t do it anymore.

Start by writing down everything that comes into your head at the thought of finding your life purpose. Don’t filter or critique. Just write what you think. You can use the prompt ‘If I consciously live my purpose, I’m afraid that…’ and see how you go.
Now take a deep breath and respond to a second question “What do the scared parts of me need, to feel supported?”

2. Give yourself permission to change
Everything in nature changes and grows. It is not normal to stay in the same state or position for a lifetime whether you’re an acorn, a puppy or a person. Embrace the potential of change and personal growth.

I always thought I needed other peoples permission to do things, but I now know I can give myself permission at any time.

Giving yourself permission to change and grow opens you up to limitless possibilities. By saying yes to change, you are giving the Universe permission to give you opportunities you may never have dared dream of receiving. Say yes and see what happens. 

3. Don’t be afraid to be your unique self
No one in the history of the world has ever been like you.
You have your own set of talents, skills, passions, and experiences. Only you can make your contribution to the world. So, stop trying to fit in and be like everyone else in the herd. Stop comparing yourself to others and anticipating their judgment of you. The only thing that should give you pause is the thought of wasting all your talent by not shining your light. 

If you feel shy about striking out on your path, remember no one else can be your best you.

Now is the time gorgeous one – we are waiting for you.  When the social distancing is over and we start a new type of normal, will you be on Purpose?

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