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Self-Reflections: I trust my intuition to guide me well.

Intuition is powerful and provides great wisdom and insight. I am led by my intuition, and it guides me well. My true self is personified by my intuition.

I am a very intuitive person. I am able to see and feel things beyond the ordinary. This gift provides me with a great understanding that I use to make wise decisions. I trust my intuition to steer me down a positive path and it rarely disappoints me.

My intuition is the sum of all my values and experiences. When I am uncertain about a choice, I listen to my internal voice. My inner voice has great intelligence, experience, and awareness. All I have to do is trust what I am feeling and allow it to guide me. I am in tune with my intuition.

My intuition continues to grow stronger and I am amazed by the information and insight it provides me each day. I trust my intuition to grow daily.

My intuition is my ultimate guide and when I follow it, amazing things happen in my life. It contains my conscience and guides me perfectly, as long as I allow it to lead me down my chosen path.

Today, I trust my intuition even more than I did yesterday. My growing wisdom and experiences serve me well. I trust my intuition to guide me into making beneficial decisions.


Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. How has my intuition served me well?
  2. When have I ignored my intuition and regretted it later?
  3. What would my life look like if I had followed only my intuition in the past?
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