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Self-Reflections: I express my anger openly, honestly, and appropriately.

Anger is a perfectly normal emotion. Expressing my anger can bring me benefits as long as I do it in a healthy, positive manner.

I express my anger openly. I tell others when and why I am upset. When others make me angry, they are entitled to know. If I am willing to share my negative emotions, it allows others to adjust their behavior accordingly so we can resolve the conflict.

I am honest with others about my anger. I avoid denying my emotions. I am strong enough to share my negative emotions with others.

I express my anger appropriately and calmly. I maintain control of my emotions, words, and actions. Expressing my anger inappropriately creates a lot of unnecessary drama. I avoid creating drama.

Before I react angrily, I stop and count to ten. Then I carefully consider why I am angry and share that reason with the other person.

I avoid saying things that only serve to make a disagreeable situation worse.

When someone is angry with me, I appreciate knowing why. Therefore, I afford the same courtesy to others. It is easier to work through conflicts when there is open communication.

Today, I choose to express my anger openly, honestly, and appropriately. I am in control of my emotions, even when explaining to others why I am upset. I know that being open is the first step to finding a solution. I am comfortable talking about my feelings.


Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. How can I ensure that I am expressing my anger appropriately?
  2. How do I let others know they have made me angry?
  3. What can I do to be more open about my feelings?
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