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Which kitten is drinking all the milk

Are you feeling that you are not really walking or trusting or living into your own ideals right now? 

So, hey, I’m Luanne Mareen of and the hand analysis academy and I’m bringing a video to you, just giving you a snippet into the world of hand analysis and today I’m talking about this finger but this zone, this top zone here. So, in hand analysis, you have these three zones on one finger. So, you have the 12 zones, okay? So, each one of these zones actually means something and Richard actually calls them the twelve kittens. 

Richard is the founder of this work and I love this analogy. He comes up with just the most sometimes funny, sometimes I can’t understand it but mostly they’re pretty cool. So, the 12 zones, the 12 kittens depending on if it’s widely displayed, if it’s very big or if it’s very small or skinny, it does mean something, right? So, it’s like the 12 kittens, which kitten or which zone is taking milk from the other areas. 

And today, I’m going to be talking about this top zone here, right here. Jupiter finger. So, in previous videos Jupiter is all about power, right he’s the king of kings, the God of Gods I should say. He’s the head honcho, so, he’s power are wielding your power in a good way or are you being a dictator or shrinking away from power. So, in the world today there’s a lot of examples of those like did I say anymore. But in particular, this sign, when this top sign… because when the top sign is all about you know our spirituality, our concepts and on this finger, it means if it’s small and twisted or just looks underfed like an underfed kitten, it actually means that your ideals… you’re not fully claiming your real values or your real ideas and Richard calls it the Napalm Zone. the Napalm, so, for those of you who are not as old as me, Napalm was used in the Vietnamese war and they dropped that Napalm on the poor people below even their own soldiers it was terrible but why he calls it is because this is like if you have the small zone it is… the person that is working in the Napalm factory making this agent orange or this Napalm or this chemical to be sent out to kill people effectively but his values are you know, he’s all about freedom, right? So, he’s been forced to… well he’s been forced or he thought he’s been forced and to working in a Napalm factory is actually…  but her’s a hippie, right? And he’s about free love but see it doesn’t match. So, he’s taking a lot of energy out of his ideals, the top of his finger, his ideals and giving it to other areas. Really interesting, right? So, again have a look at your different zones go into other different zones. I mean I wanted to bring that one up today because we actually talked about it at the hand analysis certification last week. We did opportunity lines and attack lines and things like that so this is that zone. 

So oh, and here she is, she’s just. Come, come in. it’s all good. 

So, that’s it from me until my next video. Did this make sense? Have a look at your zones which ones are big and small? And bye-bye. Thank you very much and we’ll see you then. Comment below, okay. Bye for now.

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