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Are you an unexpressed innovator?

What is this kind of weird thing in my tea, you may ask?   

Hey there, I’m Luanne Mareen of and the Hand Analysis Academy. Welcome to my kitchen.   

So, I am just making myself a yummy cup of tea before I share my video today. What I’m sharing with you and the reason I’m showing you this kind of weird thing contraption, isn’t it cool? I’m talking about the innovator. Right, the innovator. So, in hand analysis the innovator, if your purpose is the innovator, you have all these creative ideas and sometimes you actually take something that’s already created and just make it better with your innovations, right? The student path though is keeping them inside and not sharing them and not letting them be seen and that’s kind of painful, right? Because you’re afraid of what your peers or your family might say if you actually come out and express these innovative ideas. I know, it’s kind of sucky, right?   

So, the reason for my amazing tea thingy here is because I want to bring to you an example of somebody who’s very innovative and I’ve got these teas here. Now, these are from Karina has made these and look I’ve got the Hormone Balance Blend and the Chakra Balance Blend and the Anxiety Tea Blend.   

Now you may be thinking well there are a lot of companies that actually make kinds of teas like these but this is where Karina’s innovation has kind of gone right up there. And I remember talking to Karina many years ago and she’s an author, she’s a naturopath, she runs a workshop, she’s a speaker, she’s amazing and she loves making teas because she’s very passionate about people’s health. So, look in here. Like, look in there. I mean they’re all organic, right? That’s just amazing and she imports the different blends and so her innovation is in the mix of the blends. So, we talked about this idea for her teas many years ago when I was coaching her right at the beginning and you know she’s a speaker and an author and she went on to actually publish her book and then just in the last… I think a couple of years that these have been around and she’s just amazing. There’s a whole range that she’s innovated. Just in her spare time, right? So, she had the actual… you know what I love about her is she had the courage and she took action, right? Who knew that these would just blow up and they’re just amazing because her gift is that they really helped to heal other people with all the things that all the beautiful properties and the organic properties. So, she innovated. That’s innovation and the worst thing that we couldn’t have her beautiful work if she kind of like “oh, no poo-poo. You know who’s going to want that?” or “what are other people going to say in the industry” and no, she actually expressed that idea.  

So, do you have an idea? Are you an innovator? Is there something that you’ve wanted to bring out for ages? It doesn’t have to be tea whether it’s a healing course, right? You’ve got all these different modalities and you want to put them together but you know you’re too afraid of what other people are going to say. You know every day we kind of face rejection. well, you know we can face rejection but really the people who love and adore you, you know they’re going to want to see your innovations it’s similar to me like, I’m not the only hand analyst teacher out there, not by any means but I’ll innovate in a different way to them. It’s not right or wrong, it’s not better like you might go to them or you may come to me. Like whatever you’re attracted to, that’s innervation.   

So, if you have an idea that you’re holding back it’s like pull up your big goddess bloomers and it’s time to really step forward and share that and it doesn’t have to be all rah-rah. It can just be a little step at a time. But I do encourage you if that is part of your purpose and if it’s your lesson, you need to do that even more so.  

Alright. So, until my next video, I’m off to have my cup of tea. What did I have today? I actually had two. Had the Chakra Blend and the Hormone which is oh, good. I wish you could smell them. Anyway, go and check her out. She doesn’t know I’m doing this video at all. Clean Herbals and enjoy your tea and enjoy your day. Until my next video. Comment, does this make sense to you? Are you resonating with this at all? Lots of love. Bye for now.  

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